Recyle Retrace

Remember some of the things we talked about salvaging or recycling from the original home?
With our marketing program for these homes ramping up it reminded us of some of the interesting extra steps we took and thought we should  share.  Please note below;
~ the beautiful black bricks on the original house (top-left), the bricks being pulled aside in demolition
(bottom-right) and the bricks as a key feature in the new house now (left)
~ the fir hardwood was stripped out of the original home, donated to and reused in another project (2nd-left)
~ the majority of the sheet-metal (3rd & 4th-left) from the old heating and ventilation system was stripped out
and then taken to the recycling depot for the grand profit of $127.35! (obviously it was not about the money)

08-10 Envy Recyle Print

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