Concrete Floors

All levels of these homes feature poured concrete floors with integrated radiant heat lines.  We prefer to highlight the natural beauty of them with a sealed concrete finish.  This also provides a durable uniform surface that is intrinsically easy to clean (whether it is a spill, pet hair or basic dust bunnies) contributing to the terrific indoor air quality of these homes.

First the original concrete pour has any cracks filled, then they are ground to a smooth and level.  Finally a finish coat is applied and clear/mat sealed for a fabulously modern and efficient look.

Now we are ready for base & case… so close now. 
Contact us if you think this might be the perfect next home for your family.

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0013

Cracks filled

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0008

Flat ground and prepped for final coats

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0007

Finished loft floor

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0006

Finished living room floor

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0005

Finished kitchen floor – ready for the cabinets now!


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