8+10 Master Baths

Master bathrooms are tiled in giant 2′ by 4′ tiles, minimalist field tiles with a row of complimentary mono-tone pattern in the middle.
Haus 10, which is the westerly unit, is being finished with a warm-modern feel and the first three shots are if it’s master bath in a sparkling champagne coloured squares with-in squares pattern.
Haus 8, which is the easterly unit, is being finished in cool-modern tones and the last three shots are of the of it’s master bath in steel grey with large, yet subtle, opposing silver spheres to compliment it.
Both tubs are mounted under white granite and feature glass aprons.  Stay tuned to see the awesome fixtures we have chosen for these homes.

Did we mention that you could be living here by Christmas?  That’s right, December 2013


Haus 10 master bath, tile detail


Haus 10 master bath tile


Haus 10 master bath, glass tub apron


Haus 8 master bath


Haus 8 master bath, tile detail


Haus 10 master bath, glass tub apron & granite surround


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