New Beginnings

The best description for the feeling you get on demolition day!
After months or sometime years of planning, permitting and scheduling you have finally arrived… Methodically, the house comes down with the promise of something new to take its place.  Thus the roller coaster ride of building a custom home continues.  Today is a day when after finally cresting the highest top, you hurtle down, holding your hat, screaming with excitement and a touch of fear.

If it wasn’t real to this point, the back hoe bucket going through the front door, sure makes it real now…

We have never documented a build or renovation project. This time we wanted to share some of the experience with our children, friends, families, clients and colleagues. They are always there for us despite not always understanding what exactly it is that we do or why we are bubbling over with excitement one day and simply exhausted the next.

Welcome to our Journey!

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