Interesting Research Findings from C-3

Climate Change Central (C-3) Quoted;

Some facts from their research:

  1. Albertans use more energy in our homes than any other province in Canada.
  2. It is often cheaper to improve how efficiently we use energy than it is to buy electricity or natural gas.
  3. The more efficiently we use energy (e.g., by installing a high efficiency furnace) the longer our supply of conventional fuels will last.
  4. The opportunities are significant – if we realized our full potential, we could save enough energy to power and heat 260,000 homes by 2015 (nearly 18% of all homes in Alberta).
  5. While we have been investing more in energy efficiency over the last few years, our research has shown us there’s a lot more we could be doing to gain parity with other jurisdictions.

Want to know more?
Check out their website at for more research and publications on everyday ways to save energy

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