How is Your Home Built?

A complicated question with loads of information to digest, too daunting a concept for many to ponder….

Is your home built of wood or concrete?  Is it better to build new or renovate an existing home?  What are the energy sources that heat and power it?  How well is it insulated?  How efficient are the windows?  How do you best manage water consumption? What about indoor air quality?  Do the paints, lacquers, carpets, etc contain harmful VOC’s and other toxic chemical compounds?  What is your homes environmental footprint?  Will your home meet your families changing needs? Does choosing an efficient and sustainable home mean you have to compromise on quality or luxury?  This list could go on forever but I think you get the picture by now.

Let us answer those and many more questions for you
Demand uncompromised sustainability
Get an Envy home & generate some home Envy

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