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Haus 8 & 10

Haus 10 is now For Sale!

February 3 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10, Media & Publication by Envy No Comments

Haus10 (located at 2010 37th Ave SW) is ready to purchase ~ move in and enjoy inner city Calgary living at its sustainably built, low-maintenance finest!
This stunning pre-owned Envy home is available for $1,648,000.

Interested? We would love to show you more…

Call David to arrange your private tour!

2010 37th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
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This sustainable high performance Envy home in Marda Loop, completed in early 2014, offers downtown views from two levels, attached triple+ garage, concrete construction, european windows, superior efficiency with integrated solar energy.

2010 37th Avenue SW has no structural or mechanical rivals in its class.

keep scrolling down :: to watch how this project came together

CONTACT DAVID :: or (403) 620-7939 for more details











































































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Chef Duncan Ly feeds 24 guests in Haus 10

May 29 in Haus 8 & 10, Media & Publication by Envy No Comments

So honoured to have this amazing Chef prepare a special meal for 24 guest in Haus 10!
Please enjoy a change of blog scenery and check out the 5 decadent dishes Chef Duncan Ly, executive chef for Hotel Arts, prepared.

Envy principal, David Wilson, thoroughly enjoying the evening, especially dessert!


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Solar Panels

November 27 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Haus 8 + 10 are equipped with photo-voltaic (PV) solar panels to generate 60-70% of the homes expected household electrical use.  Naturally all systems do have a back up however the more energy that can be displaced with this clean green energy source the smaller the carbon footprint of this home and the lower the utility bill.

Did you know that in Alberta our electricity still comes predominantly from coal fired plants?
That’s right, one of the filthiest sources of electricity out there.

Below; the finished array, the crews hoisting panels and infrastructure to the roof with a crane to start the installation process. 

The electricity generated from these panels is tied back into the grid to feed the homes needs first and other electricity demands in the city second.
To answer your next question – yes, you are credited for the energy you generate but don’t use.



the first shipment of panels is off-loaded to the site


the first shipment of solar equipment is dropped at the site


the crane arrives to load the solar equipment to the roof


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Exterior Update

November 1 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The landscaping on this project seems to have settled in nicely and the now leaf-less trees and shrubs seem to be basking the the last sun beams before the snow falls.


Envy homes complete with hardy landscaping … ready for winter


front of Haus 10


front of Haus 8

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Bathroom Vanities

October 21 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Storage in bathrooms is essential!
That is the room that is fastest to clutter up and become a daunting messy task to clean if your don’t have adequate storage.
This glimpse of our boxes and number of drawers before we cover them with beautiful bamboo finishing will allow you to understand just how much planning goes into our storage solutions.


The master bath has large vanities on each side to allow both partners to have their own space


Jack-n-Jill bath has one of these vanities on each side to allow each bedroom occupant to have their own space


Even the basement bath has lots of storage in it’s vanity for extra towels and supplies

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Kitchen Countertops

October 17 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Beautiful white quartz kitchen counter tops are installed in both kitchens now featuring a waterfall edge on the appliance side of the island and an engaging 90 degree island seating area on the other side.


Haus 10 kitchen counter tops


Haus 10 kitchen counter tops 2


Haus 8 kitchen counter tops


Haus 8 kitchen counter top and waterfall island detail



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Beginning Built-ins

October 12 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

At Envy we believe that ample storage is a key component to your quality of life.
Having a logical place for all your ‘stuff’ to go keeps your home clutter free yet allows you to find things when you do need them.  This is true for so many things we own; whether we are talking special dishes, crystal & platters for entertaining, a neat hidden away laundry area, music instruments, sporting equipment that varies by season, craft/sewing/hobby gear or supplies, you name it… we all have ‘stuff’.  Some things we may want to display so a space for that is just as important as pragmatic locations to add media and computer/office solutions.
Envy homes come with loads of built-ins that can be adjusted to accommodate your personal lifestyle and storage requirements so you can enjoy clutter free living.


4 personal closets for family members coming in from the garage


additional storage in the mud room area transitions into a media center in the basement


2nd bedroom built-in with hanging closet, shelving and adjustable desk or media space


3rd bedroom built-in with hanging closet, shelving and adjustable desk or media space

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Kitchen 8 – The Look

October 3 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

… is cool modern
that is the best description of the dark silver stained, horizontal grain cabinet aesthetic you will find in Haus 8
this post is AKA “or kitchen two is also well underway now”


Bamboo close-up


Galley view


Full kitchen view

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More Landscaping

October 1 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Rear landscaping is completed with Alberta hardy perennial shrubs and plants.

Details, for example ensuring that you are planting a Juniper species not a Cedar,  go a long way to the lasting look of the rear yard.

Notice the area in the middle by the dividing fence?  That is being left un-planted to allow the new home owners some customization depending on family needs.  I.e. sod, permeable pavers, gravel or some combination thereof.


Haus 8, rear landscape prep


Haus 10, rear landscape prep


Haus 10, rear landscaping


Haus 8, rear landscaping

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8+10 Master Baths

September 27 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Master bathrooms are tiled in giant 2′ by 4′ tiles, minimalist field tiles with a row of complimentary mono-tone pattern in the middle.
Haus 10, which is the westerly unit, is being finished with a warm-modern feel and the first three shots are if it’s master bath in a sparkling champagne coloured squares with-in squares pattern.
Haus 8, which is the easterly unit, is being finished in cool-modern tones and the last three shots are of the of it’s master bath in steel grey with large, yet subtle, opposing silver spheres to compliment it.
Both tubs are mounted under white granite and feature glass aprons.  Stay tuned to see the awesome fixtures we have chosen for these homes.

Did we mention that you could be living here by Christmas?  That’s right, December 2013


Haus 10 master bath, tile detail


Haus 10 master bath tile


Haus 10 master bath, glass tub apron


Haus 8 master bath


Haus 8 master bath, tile detail


Haus 10 master bath, glass tub apron & granite surround


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Bathroom tile

September 23 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Five bathrooms, four with extensive tile work required, in both Haus 8 and Haus 10
Pleased to report that these bathrooms are shaping up beautifully ~ grout and finish plumbing still to be installed. Check back to see the luxurious master baths to be finished soon.
Yes – that is some seriously large glass tile you are looking at.


Jack’n’Jill bath


Loft showers


Over-sized basement showers

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Kitchen two underway

September 21 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The assembly of Haus 8’s kitchen is now underway; parts delivered and boxes being installed.
Check back to see the bamboo treatment that will be happening for this units cabinetry.


Haus 8 ~ kitchen drawers


Haus 8 ~ more kitchen parts


Haus 8 ~ kitchen 1


Haus 8 ~ kitchen 2


Haus 8 ~ kitchen 3


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Second driveway + retaining

September 19 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

In a concerted effort to make hay while our September sun is shining the second driveways and some more retaining walls are being poured. Meanwhile the rear landscaping is being planned in order to finish all the exterior finishing before the first snow flies.


concrete driveway


concrete driveway 2


planter retaining wall


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Kitchen one ~ half done

September 17 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The kitchen and cabinetry in Haus 10 will be finished in warm natural vertical grain sustainable bamboo. Below you can view some finished kitchen cabinet fronts as well as what’s behind them. Drawers! Lots and lots of drawers made of baltic birch ply. Practically this means you can access everything in the space without digging around blindly in the back of the cupboards. Why don’t most homes have loads of useful drawers… the answer is simple economics, they cost more.


Haus 10 kitchen in progress


Haus 10 – cabinet front bamboo finish


Loads of drawers


Eat in & cooking island with a view

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Interior doors

September 12 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Envy homes focus on large open living spaces that adapt to your lifestyle, but there are always some rooms that need doors. Bedrooms, bathrooms, closets… and now ~ we have doors.





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Trees are at the Haus

September 9 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Landscaping at the front of Haus 8+10 is underway… the first three Schubert Chokecherry trees are planted on the property line with additional smaller native perennials to be added to complete this lovely low maintenance landscape design.


line of trees



dividing line



more to plant…


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1st Driveway Poured

September 3 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The first of two rear driveways is now poured… these lead to the over-sized triple attached under-drive garages in these homes. Enough room for ALL your toys!
The first retaining wall concrete is poured on the west unit at the same time.


East driveway is poured


West unit retaining wall 1


West unit retaining wall 2

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Starting to Tile

August 28 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Finishing is always the most exciting part.
The fantastic tiling crew has just begun but we couldn’t wait to share a few sneak pre-view pictures.
The master bath has been prepped with orange backing board but you will have to wait to see what tiles have been selected to go in here.
Scroll down further to see a sneak preview of the glass tile accent in the Jack’n’Jill baths as well as a pragmatic floor drain solution.


Master Bath Prep


Jack’n’Jill sneak preview


Floor Drain Detail


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Cabinet Box Parts

August 23 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Another exciting delivery … the cabinet box parts for the first kitchen.
Looking forward to seeing these pieces come together, literally!
Watch for more pictures as this kitchen gets built.


Cabinet parts


Cabinet parts 2


More pieces and bases


Cabinet bases

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Finishing Materials

August 19 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

More finishing materials were delivered today; the interior doors, casings and baseboard.
Stay tuned to view these materials finished and installed.


Casings & baseboards


Interior Doors

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Driveways & Retaining Wall Prep

August 13 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Preparations to shape the rear driveways provide a visual definition of the large remaining rear yard space.
Retaining walls on the west unit ensure a comfortable walkway down the side yard.
The poured driveways will be posted soon to properly showcase this terrific rear amenity space.


Driveway prep


Retaining Wall 1


Retaining Wall 2


Retaining Wall 3

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Eaves Troughs

August 7 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Some of the final exterior details are also coming together now.
Do you like the new Envy for sale sign?
The eaves troughs are in the process of being installed and the new sidewalk has been poured by the city.
Check back to see the landscaping plan to come together in the next several weeks.


Envy homes almost ready & for Sale


Eaves troughs being fitted


Roof-top eaves trough

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Bamboo Delivery

August 2 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

A whole load of bamboo sheet goods were delivered today and this will be used to make kitchen, bathroom and various built in cabinets.
Check back to see what the finished product ends up looking like… you won’t be disappointed.


Bamboo 1


Bamboo 2


Bamboo 3

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Concrete Floors

July 30 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

All levels of these homes feature poured concrete floors with integrated radiant heat lines.  We prefer to highlight the natural beauty of them with a sealed concrete finish.  This also provides a durable uniform surface that is intrinsically easy to clean (whether it is a spill, pet hair or basic dust bunnies) contributing to the terrific indoor air quality of these homes.

First the original concrete pour has any cracks filled, then they are ground to a smooth and level.  Finally a finish coat is applied and clear/mat sealed for a fabulously modern and efficient look.

Now we are ready for base & case… so close now. 
Contact us if you think this might be the perfect next home for your family.

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0013

Cracks filled

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0008

Flat ground and prepped for final coats

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0007

Finished loft floor

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0006

Finished living room floor

20130730_2008-2010 concrete floors_0005

Finished kitchen floor – ready for the cabinets now!


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For Sale!

July 24 in Haus 8 & 10, Media & Publication by Envy No Comments

In the interest of choosing green products whenever possible and keeping waste to a minimum we elected to have our “for sale” signs cut from solid aluminum and keeping the message pretty basic to ensure we can use the same signs for all of our projects. These are still to be poweder-coated in Envy-green for higher visibility but we were too excited about them not to share!

for sale!

for sale!

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Stairs Installed

July 18 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The stairs are installed in these homes and the best work we can come up with for their presence and the light flowing through them is… wow!


From the front door looking up to the kitchen & living space. Light from the deck doors peaking over the top…



Through the stairs looking down to the front door.
(construction door still in place – watch to see what we have planned for this)






Another set from living space to loft with kitchen deck doors peaking through again.


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Stair finishing

July 9 in Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Solid fir stair risers and treads are prepped and clear coated with low-VOC paint onsite.
Can’t wait to see these beauties installed!




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June 10 in Construction Art, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Just some fun shots of the wood from the subtantial open riser fir stairs before we install them
…and some of the clever uses we found for the cut-offs too.


Stair risers waiting to be finished and installed


Wood grain


Stair cutoffs re-purposed to make display easels for some of our information boards

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Eco-Living Home Tour

June 10 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Envy Eco was pleased to have Haus 8+10 participate in this years Eco-Living home tour showcasing green building initiatives in Calgary.  Principal David Wilson greeted the bus load of guests upon arrival, led a detailed and information packed hour long tour leaving attendees with plenty of options to consider for their current and future homes.  It’s fair to say that much fun was had learning about sustainable choices and initiatives on Saturday, June 8th.


Eco-living tour is welcomed


Intro to Haus 8+10


Eco tour moves inside


Mechanical briefing followed by a peak at the permanent stairs


Outdoor amenity spaces explored


Wrap-up Q & A




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Stair Parts

June 3 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Yes, those rickety looking stairs in the pictures are just construction stairs.
Yes, there will be some beautiful locally sourced solid Douglas Fir wood open riser stairs going in their place and the parts have arrived.  Currently the fit is being tweaked by our craftsmen.


Stair risers


Risers and treads being inspected


Testing tread fit


Treads awaiting clear coat

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First Coat Paint

May 24 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

What a difference a coat of paint makes!
Now finally the spaces are beginning to look like rooms and you can to envision yourself living here.   After the first coats the walls are thoroughly inspected and any drywall/mud/tape inconsistencies are repaired to ensure the highest level of finish detail. (that’s what those white & yellow patches are)


Entrance and office




Loft space

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Floor Plans

May 10 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

If you have been following the Haus 8+10 blog then you have probably been wondering what the inside finished spaces are going to look like.  Your patience served you well waiting to see the outside but are you that patient to see the inside? 
Ok, ok, we will give you a sneak peak at these basic these floor plans … subject to change slightly to suit our pragmatic design choices, but you get the general idea


Basement & attached rear under-drive triple-car garage


Main floor; office & bedrooms


Main floor; kitchen, dining & living


Loft – 3rd floor flex living space

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Mud & Tape

May 1 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

With mudding and taping of the drywall coming to an end it can only mean one thing… Paint!
Painters coming in soon to start on the first coats of paint. (finish coats are always done nearer final completion to ensure minor dings & dents are repaired prior to move-in)




Stairwell & living room



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Taping Details

April 25 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Featured below are some special waterproof bathroom drywall mudding & taping details and a window mud/tape detail.  More visuals of full rooms to come.


Loft bathroom 1


Loft bathroom 2


Windows get taped


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Deck Capping

April 15 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Classic, simple, modern and low-maintenance finishes are the pragmatic solution goals for everything Envy Eco does, whether the details are inside or outside.  Here is a before and after example for Envy’s the deck wall capping solution.


Loft deck walls unfinished


Loft deck walls finished


Kitchen deck wall capping


Built-in BBQ station and deck wall capping

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Evening Light

April 5 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

A little different evening light perspective of Haus 8+10. It’s nice to see more than one side of this projects character.


Front of Haus 8+10


Windows and window wells


Haus 10 front entry

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Drywall is Almost Done

March 28 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The drywall is so close to being finished now.  Soon the mud and tape will get underway… and then comes the sanding aka; dust and more dust to come

20130409_2008-2010 37th Drywall_0015

Loft living

20130409_2008-2010 37th Drywall_0005

Bedroom drywall

20130409_2008-2010 37th Drywall_0008

Basement storage hall

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Recyle Retrace

March 20 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Remember some of the things we talked about salvaging or recycling from the original home?
With our marketing program for these homes ramping up it reminded us of some of the interesting extra steps we took and thought we should  share.  Please note below;
~ the beautiful black bricks on the original house (top-left), the bricks being pulled aside in demolition
(bottom-right) and the bricks as a key feature in the new house now (left)
~ the fir hardwood was stripped out of the original home, donated to and reused in another project (2nd-left)
~ the majority of the sheet-metal (3rd & 4th-left) from the old heating and ventilation system was stripped out
and then taken to the recycling depot for the grand profit of $127.35! (obviously it was not about the money)

08-10 Envy Recyle Print

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Drywall is Underway

March 14 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Sheet by sheet the drywall goes on the walls and then is secured to a unique framing system to the ceilings … with the poured concrete interior floors and Hambro joist system there is no wood to just screw your drywall to.


Drywall going on walls 1


Drywall going on walls 2

20130409_2008-2010 37th Drywall_0001

Starting on ceiling drywall


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Drywall Delivery

March 5 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The arrival of numerous sheets of drywall is a welcome sight after months of rough-in work.  Soon these interesting spaces will start to look like bright rooms.


Drywall Delivery 1


Drywall Delivery 2


Drywall Delivery 3

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Underfloor Insulation

February 27 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

One more step before the drywall can go up.  Framing done, rough-ins done, spray-foam insulation on all non-ICF walls done.  Now we need to add one more layer of  insulation to the bottom of the heated concrete slab floors.  So close we can already taste the drywall dust!


Under floor insulation 1


Under floor insulation 2


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February 21 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

One of the best features of Haus 8+10’s open concept living design is light.  The many different ways that light streams into the homes is bright and welcoming already.  Imagine what they will feel like with painted walls, finished floors and millwork…
From am environmental perspective, having ample daylight throughout the day via well thought out window placement in all parts of the home reduces energy needed to otherwise light spaces.


Living room windows


Stairwell – side view


Light beams from the loft deck meet loft window light on the other side of the room


Stairwell lit with skylight plus front windows


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Bathroom Framing

February 12 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Most of the interior framing is complete now with bathtubs in place.  Kind of amusing to see a bathtub in the midst of a construction site but they have to go in now if you want a bathtub to fit.


2nd & 3rd bedrooms ‘Jack-n-Jill’ bath


Master bath peaking through the wall from the office


Master bath & tub


View though master bedroom to private deck


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February 7 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The tarps are off!
Finally a view of what the finished Haus 8+10 will look like. We have to admit, we are pretty smitten with them.


Front of Haus 8+10


Front 2 of Haus 8+10


Rear view of Haus 8+10

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The Journey of the Black Bricks cont.

January 30 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

We salvaged the beautiful over-sized charcoal black bricks from the original house on this site. 
Then they were moved, stacked, moved and moved again ending up on a pallet in the front yard. 
Now most of them have landed in their final resting spot. 
Some still remain to be used for a few other fun small details that you will have to watch for. 
Check out what we did with them…


Brick detail re-introduced to separate Haus 8 from Haus 10


Black re-purposed brick from the ground up


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Soy & Silver

January 25 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The first glimpses at the finished stucco colour of Haus 8+10 – soy & silver.
Can’t wait to see this unveiled from under ‘big-white’ the tarp!


Haus 8 entry


Haus 10 entry


Silver window details with Soy stucco surround


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Under the White Tarp

January 16 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The big green tarp covering the front of Haus 8+10 has now been replaced with a huge white one…
Let’s take a peak underneath to see what’s happening


New big white tarp


The first peak under ‘big-white’


Scratch-coat before acrylic stucco goes on


What’s going to happen here?

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Are the Rough-in’s Done yet?

January 4 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Oh… sooo close now!  We have said this before, rough-in’s take forever but they are essential to the long term quality of the homes functionality.  Better to take longer and get it right.


Loft rough-ins complete


Main floor rough-ins complete


Basement rough-ins…

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Water Services

December 27 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Somethings are never as simple as you think they should be…

When it came time to reconnect the water services (water & sewer) it was known where in the building site we needed to hook up to.  But where were the lines in the road?  Well thankfully the contractor had some big equipment to find it.  Digging up that much frozen road was no small feat.


Big machines for a big job


Found! Connections at the house end


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Spray Foam

December 21 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

What about the walls that are not poured concrete?  There were some wooden walls put up… how is the same superior level of insulation ensured (R-Value attained)?

Simple, we use sprayfoam.  Choosing a soya based spray foam for environmental and indoor air quality reasons, the walls end up tightly sealed eliminating air infiltration that is typical in stick-framed walls and homes.  That spray foam insulative layer on the inside combined with the styrofoam layer underneath the stucco on the outside of the home ensures warm winter days and cool summer days.


Exterior bedroom walls


Loft level north wall


Spray foam details around large windows & under the loft roof


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Front Sidewalks

December 18 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Once the front sidewalks are shoveled it makes for a great view of the grand front walks up to the homes.

The first major snowfall of the season

Front walks are cleared of snow


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Garage Doors

December 13 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Groovy garage doors arrive just in time to ensure greater heat retention during the winter building season.  The upper row of window panels in the doors allows for sufficient natural daylight to significantly reduce the need for electric powered lighting when in the garage.


Garage doors – inside view


Garage doors – exterior view


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Roughins Continue

December 5 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Rough-in are always the slowest part of building any home… they just seem to take forever while nothing is really happening visually.  But then you stop and take a closer look… take a wander down to the mechanical room of the homes and you will see the web of plumbing and all the electrical branches being anchored back at the ‘trunk of the homes tree’, the mechanical room.  There is loads of progress… it’s just a bit harder to see.


Pure electrical and smart home/computer lines converge in a solid labeled bundle in the mechanical room


More wires and a boiler


Domestic water manifolds and the electrical panel are installed


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Electrical Service

November 29 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Cold weather and snow might slow things down but progress still gets made.
A trench to bury electrical services from the rear alley power pole into the home is dug to keep the electricians moving.  For the couple of days that the trench is open temporary safety fences get installed.


Trench from power-pole to lot-line


Trench to service both homes from the alley power supply


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First Snow

November 21 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Winter has come again and with it brought a lower hanging sun and of course the first snow.  Fortunately these homes can now be locked up and keep any generated heat inside.  The temporary Garage doors also help significantly with reducing heat loss.


Snowfall – view from the front




Snowfall – view from the back


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Finished Front Walks

November 13 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The front walks are finished and just in the nick of time… the snow has already been falling and the rest of the site is getting muddy. Once it freezes solid the mud situation improves but that also means the projects need to be heated with a temporary heat source for the duration of winter if we want to keep crews comfortable and working.


Finished entry walk 1


Finished entry walk 2


Finished entry walk 1

Finished entry walk 3

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Rough-ins Continue

November 8 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Rough-ins take forever.

It’s the stage of construction where nothing seems to be happening despite the buzz of activity on the site. 
You can start to see a web of wires emerge, black PVC and tin pipes in some walls, but beyond that not much is visibly changing.  The importance of the rough-ins; electrical, plumbing, heating, gas, solar, etc. is like the bones, circulatory, respiratory, nervous system, etc. to a human – essential to functioning.


Electrical & plumbing in basement


Electrical, plumbing, solar, heat


Electrical & plumbing in a bathroom


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Bathtub Delivery

November 5 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

In every home the bathtubs are the first piece of ‘finished’ plumbing that get delivered so you can build the walls around the tubs.
It’s kind of exciting to catch a glimpse of the finished home yet stressful hoping that nothing happens to them during the next several months through the rough-in processes, drywall, paint and ultimately finishing work.


Master tub

Bath tub

Bath tub

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Black Brick

October 31 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Remember that black brick we salvaged from the original home on this lot?
Well it’s still here, waiting to be reintroduced into the new…. and definitely not forgotten as it has had to be moved a few times already!

Salvaged black brick to be re-purposed

Salvaged black brick to be re-purposed

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Cribbing Front Walks

October 26 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Often the front walks get left to the end of a construction project.  With winter upon us and the muddy boots that come with it, we choose to bump up the construction of the front walks in the hopes of minimizing the muck in the homes.
These walks will also be poured in concrete so first they must be prepared.
Cribbed; wooden molds, gravel, leveling, reinforced, etc.


Front walk cribbing 1


Front walk cribbing 2


Front walk cribbing 3


Front walk cribbing 4


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Electrical Rough-In Begins

October 23 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Electrical rough-ins begin … a painstakingly long process requiring the utmost of detailed planning to make a home not only function, but in this case become highly automated.  From in ceiling speakers to higher voltage lines for professional kitchen appliances to the full home automation system.
Check back to see all the cool details this home will have in store for you.


Electrical supply arrives


First wires are pulled


Wires in ICF walls 1


Wires in ICF walls 2


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Front Doors?

October 18 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

We have front doors!
Ok, we admit, these are not the permanent ones but at least they lock and keep the cold out.
Guess you will have to watch to see what inserts they end up with for the finished product…

Temporary front doors

Temporary front doors

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Sideyard Backfill

October 15 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

The majority of the stucco scaffolds have come down enabling a large portion of the back filling to happen. 
This provides a great sense of what this lot will look like finished at the front and how the grades will flow from front to back.

Note* the remaining stucco gets finished a bit later


Side yard – front to back


Side yard – back to front


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Loft Decks

October 10 in Blog, Haus 8 & 10 by Envy No Comments

Being able to bring the outdoors in; this south facing wall of windows opens to a sun soaked private deck on the loft level.


Loft; looking out to the deck


Loft Deck


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Window Sill Details

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For some windows a rugged yet finished concrete sill makes the most sense.  Zero maintenance with modern look for windows in side-yards  and where windows are fixed pane (don’t open) it’s simply the pragmatic choice.


Side-yard Window Detail

Concrete Sill Close-up


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Stucco; Expansion Joints

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The lines you see cut in large planes (walls) of stucco are called expansion joints.
Their purpose is to allow the stucco sufficient room to expand and contract with the sometimes radical temperature swings we experience in Calgary without the wall cracking.  However, placed methodically they can also serve to enhance the design and overall appeal of the building.
Below we take you on a sneak peak behind the green tarps.  The stucco process is underway – what’s up with the orange stucco?  Check back to find out if that is the permanent colour of if there is some other groovy detail in store for you…


Side-wall Profile


Peaking behind the tarps… orange?


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Built-in BBQ’s

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Have I mentioned one of Envy’s favourite quotes yet?  “The devil is in the details!”
Here is an example of what we mean… built-in BBQ stations maximizing the kitchen deck space and the downtown view that comes with it.  How great is that?
Keep following to see the final details

20120925_0477 20120925_0481 20120925_0485

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Stucco Progress

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The rear of the home has made tremendous progress with the stucco beginning at the top and gradually moving down the buildings. Here you can see the various phases in the stucco process, from the styrofoam cladding, scratch-coat to the fine finished acrylic stucco end product.

Styrofoam cladding

Styrofoam cladding


Initial stucco application over scratch-coat




Various stages of completed stucco



The completion of the stucco moves down


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Plumbing Rough-ins

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Amidst the flurry of activity on the outside of the homes the the life lines are being installed on the interior.
It is a long and sometimes uninteresting yet crucial process called the ‘rough-ins’.  This requires well planned plumbing, heating, ventilation, solar, electrical and technical lines to be placed throughout the home culminating at the core of the home – the mechanical room.  An Envy home anticipates most every possible need today and for the future giving the homeowner the comfort of all luxuries and the ability to go as high tech as they choose. 
Here is a glimps of some preliminary plumbing rough-ins to start this in-depth process. Stay tuned to watch this technical process unfold.


Preliminary plumbing rough-in 1


Preliminary plumbing rough-in 2


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House Numbers

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Generally a detail thought of at the end of a project… ‘ok the house is done, let’s put some numbers on it’.
At Envy homes we believe your house number is more than just an address, we want your friends and your takeout delivery guy to find you… easily… because you love your home and you are a proud owner Envy homeowner!  Your house number should be part of the entire aesthetic and we always plan a fun way to display that identity at the blueprint stage of our design process.  Here is a sneak preview of what will become the identifier of these homes.  Keep watching to see how we finish this totally custom, hand crafted detail.

Hand carved one of a kind detail

Hand carved one of a kind detail


Final rough opening


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Windows Prepped for Stucco

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Once the windows are all in the exterior of the building is prepared for the acrylic stucco treatment.  This involves special details around the windows to offer the cleanest modern finish available to complete the esthetic.


A peak behind the green wall


No short cuts taken


Not just aesthetic… increased insulation as well


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Construction Stairs

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Construction stairs are the temporary stairs used while the home is being finished.  This allows the multiple trades to access the multiple levels easily without worry of damaging the finished open riser stairs that will complete these magnificent homes.  Today the stairs went in and everyone was happy to be done with climbing ladders for a while.


Before Stairs


Stair prep for installation

Construction stairs are in (temporary railings yet to go up)

Construction stairs are in (temporary railings yet to go up)



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Window Installation

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Windows are installed swiftly with great care and attention to detail by a highly skilled team.


Teamwork makes fast work of the installation process


Scaffolds and windows


Interior detail



Exterior detail

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Tarps & Scaffolds

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It’s time for the window installation and stucco crews to descend on the building and engulf it beneath scaffolds and tarps.  The project is now buzzing like a hive of bee’s… just wait for the ‘honey’ they will leave behind when the tarps come back down!


The entire building disappears behind the green tarps


Scaffolds behind the green wall



Scaffolds all around

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Interior Framing & Window Prep

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The interior framing continues and the windows get moved into the houses to prepare for the installation of these European tilt and turn beauties.


Main floor bedrooms and connecting hallway


Windows are lifted with the zoom-boom to their respective rooms


The next window load on the zoom-boom below


Window racks are almost empty now


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First Peak at Loft Space

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The moment long awaited; walls are up, roof is on… just how glorious is the loft space in these homes going to be?  Here is our first glance of these sunny private retreats.

20120817_0523 20120817_0524

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Roof & Deck-walls Concrete

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At long last the roof has been poured, also in concrete and some of the deck walls made of ICF also get poured.




Bracing is essential as always to keep the concrete in place until it sets

Bracing is essential as always to keep the concrete in place until it sets

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Roof Trusses

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Getting wooden roof trusses up to the top of a new home is no small feat.  Add the weight of steel and you need to bring in a crane.   Here is how we got these up to the roof top.

Hooking up steel trusses

Gentle lift off…

… up, one at a time

…to the roof







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Pouring Loft Walls

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More concrete…
The loft walls of this four storey home get poured but there is still plenty more concrete yet to come before these homes are complete.

Concrete to pump truck

Pump truck moves the wet concrete up…

… and up

… and into the 4th level walls

Concrete from ‘Heaven’ 1

Concrete from ‘Heaven’ 2


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Interior Framing

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The exterior and interior work continue on simultainiously and here are some before and after framing shots to begin to define the pragmatic use of space in these homes.

Before – exterior bedroom walls are lifted

Exterior bedroom wall installed

Interior wall framing bases

Interior walls framed

Light at the end of the hall

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Zoom Boom

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Often when we talk about moving building materials we talk about or show a bit of a “zoom boom” – check out these action shoots we managed to capture the other day.

the operator


Supplies being lifted from the ground past the first storey

past the second storey

third storey delivery complete


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Windows Arrive

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Ever wonder what a whole house worth of windows looks like stacked up?  The windows for both homes arrived today and there are several pallets stacked in the yard.

Windows 1

Windows 2

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Pouring Loft Floors

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The fourth and final floors in these groovy inner-city homes are being poured in concrete today.

Freshly Poured Loft Floors

Testing to see if it’s ready to finish

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Loft Floor Hydronics

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Finally we get to the final floor of these four storey homes.   Hydronic heating lines are prepped and placed to be poured into the final concrete floor.
* Don’t worry there is still more concrete coming, walls, roof, decks, etc. …  just in case you haven’t seen enough concrete yet :)

Hydronic Heating Lines 1

Hydronic Heating Lines 2

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Bye-bye Old Garage

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With construction materials safely stowed in the new buildings its time for the old garage to come down.  The term ‘garage’ being used very loosely with really only walls left after the last windstorm peeled the roof back like a taco shell only to have to be weighted down with extra building supplies.  Everything that could be salvaged and recycled was and viola = a new clean back yard.

Bye-bye Old Garage

Cleaned Back Yard

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Haus 8-10 fun-fotos (2)

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Basic construction tools and materials from a different perspective.

wire mess






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Framing Start

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As more levels of these homes are built tradesmen can begin other interior jobs such as framing once the prep for the next concrete pour is completed.  Wondering how the supplies get moved up the storeys?  A zoom-boom makes lifting pallets of lumber easy.

Notice the original still garage in the picture?  This was housing construction materials which can now be moved to the new basement/garages….  stay tuned

Basement Framing 1

Basement Framing 2

Lifting Lumber (beside the old garage)

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Loft Floor Joists

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Another delivery of heavy duty floor joists arrives.  They are promptly lifted into place with a zoom-boom and hung from the top of the second floor walls.

More Floor Joists Arrive

Loft Floor Joists Placed

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‘the devil is in the details’…  even the simple things that you wouldn’t think of are addressed in these homes.  Like extra care when it comes to hand troweling the concrete in the window openings, making the installation of the windows a more precise and efficient process.

Detail Work

Detail Work 2

Finished Opening

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Second Storey

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At long last all the concrete and styrofoam blocks begin to shape into something the looks like a house… or two in this case.  The second story walls go up providing a sense of scale for the various spaces including the massive rear decks off the master bedrooms and kitchens.  From the kitchen level you begin to appreciate the downtown view.

Second Storey Walls

Second Storey Walls 2

Decks and Kitchen View


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Second Backfill

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Now that the front window well walls have been poured we proceed with the second backfill.  Now trades and visitors can walk into the homes at grade both in the font and the back as well as around the building via a gentle slope down the side yards.

Front yard backfill

Front door entry at grade

West side yard

East side yard

Front yard

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Floor Finishing

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Once concrete is poured it is given it’s first “finish” with a machine trowel to ensure ease of final ‘finishing’ creating beautiful floors to last a lifetime.
Exterior walls are hand troweled to finish tops.

Machine Troweling

Drying finished floor

Hand trowel finished exterior wall tops

Tools of this trade

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Front Window Wells

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This post is meant to demonstrate what actually happens when we pour concrete.  How does it get out of one of those huge rolling-mix cement trucks and into a wall or floor anyway?  Well besides a solid skilled crew you need one more major piece of equipment, the pump truck.  Basically the rolling-mix cement truck funnels the cement into a chamber in a pump truck that uses generator powered pumps to get the concrete flowing through a large rubber hose that can be manipulated into a location where the concrete is actually needed.  Pretty groovy.

Braced window well, ready for concrete

concrete dumping into pump truck (hoses ready to move concrete to wail)

Starting at one end of the wall

Teamwork!   One to hold the line and one to direct is output

Almost done!

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Ready for More Concrete

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Plywood to support concrete floors are braced and hydronic lines are installed to the wire mesh and steel joists.  The front retaining walls are prepared.  We are finally ready to pour some more concrete.

Ceilings & Floors 1

Ceilings & Floors 2

The team… hard at work!

Retaining Wall – Ready for Concrete


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Floor Joists Installed

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Looking up at the sky through the now placed second floor joists – groovy!

Second Floor Joists 1

Second Floor Joists 2

Second Floor Joists 3

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Floor Joist Delivery

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Heavy duty floor joists are needed to support the concrete floors… laying on the ground they look like they mean serious business.

Floor Joists 1

Floor Joists 2

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Basement Hydronics

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Hydronic lines are installed in the basements for future solar heated radiant heat prior to pouring concrete basement floors.

Through the Stair Opening

Basement Hydronics 1

Basement Hydronics 2


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Bracing Walls

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Once the ICF walls are stacked and reinforced with steel they need to be braced before the concrete can be poured in.

Main Floor Front Wall & Windows

Front Wall Braced

Party Wall Bracing

Side Wall Bracing


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Bedroom Decks

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Integrated decks off the master bedrooms are poured in concrete along with the interior floors but at slight step down to ensure water stays outside the house.

Large Bedroom Decks

Deck Step Down & Steel Posts for Deck Party Wall

More Materials Delivered

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Stacking Main Floor Walls

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ICF blocks make up the main floor walls and are re-inforced with steel bar prior to concrete being poured into them.

Stacked Side Walls

Look Through the ICF Wall

Party Wall ICF Detail

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