In the past 5 years Dave has renovated 2 homes for us, and has also just completed a total renovation of our son’s home.  Two of these homes were over 50 years old and one was 25 years old.  He is passionate about his projects and puts a sense of ownership into each and every one.  Dave understands what needs to be done to an older home in order to modernize and yet at the same time keep the essence of what keeps these homes special.  His design skills rival designers who understand only form; Dave understands function, while at the same time being environmentally sensitive.  Dave has been a pleasure to work with.  He remains our friend, but is more like a member of our family.

Bonny and Eric

Renovating a house can be very frustrating but Dave’s knowledge and expertise made our problems go away. He even managed to turn eye sores into feature highlights. Thanks for a great looking house.

Krista MacKinnon