Envy tries to be pragmatically green.  We recognize that today’s home owner has expectations with regards to comfort, design, life safety, value and the environment.

Accordingly, we try to balance these requirements within our clients budget, by isolating the opportunities to maximize return in each of the areas of priority, without compromising our core values.

We try to balance your requirements … without compromising our core values.

So, we try from the start to manage waste, reuse or redeploy elements from the project that are not wholly depreciated – drawing the line where it becomes a compromise in the long term project integrity.  So, unfortunately, the green shag from the basement that still looks like new after 40 years, is probably gone for good.  But, the old bricks from the mantle might make a new BBQ surround, or the old fir floor joists would make great new stair treads.  Each project is unique and brings with it new opportunities to revitalize.

While we like the opportunity to “run with it…”  We understand and expect that not all clients are confident enough to completely let go, so we are happy to work towards a level of involvement that works for all.

Envy has specialized in inner city infill construction, utilizing insulated concrete form construction and contemporary design, and in inner city bungalow revitalizations working within existing envelopes to repurpose these ubiquitous Calgary building blocks  into new urban homesteads.